Cheese factory

Have you any idea how cheese is made?

No – then observe qualified cheese-makers as they go about their work and learn the tricks of their trade. See how independent traditional cheese-maker and specialists blend their cheeses using traditional methods and milk from local farms.

Schönegger Käsealm
Foto: Schönegger Käse GmbH

Viewing Schönegger-Lodge

Schönegg lodge is only 8 km away from the Wies church and 14 km away from Lechbruck. Here you can see how cheese is made and sample the different flavors.

Tip: the Pfaffenwinkel milk trail between Rottenbuch and Wildsteig passes by the lodge and invites you to rest a while. Children can amuse themselves on the playground or visit animal pen.

May to October every Thursday from 11:00 o'clock
July und August every Tuesday and Thursday from 11:00 o'clock
Schönegger Käse-Alm
Schönegg 6
82401 Rottenbuch
: +49 8867 489

Kühe im Allgäu
Foto: Andreas Heyl


The dairy in Lehern was founded in 1890 with the idea to turn the local milk into cheese. The dairy offers regular sight-seeing tours throughout the year and experienced cheese-makers explain how cheese is made.

Opening hours:
daily 8 am to 6 pm
Sundays and bank holidays 9:30 am to 6 pm
Monday to Friday 13:30 pm
Monday, Wednesday and Friday 11 am
Sennerei Lehern
Lehern 158
87659 Hopferau (Allgäu)
: +49 8362 75 12

Blumenwiese im Allgäu
Foto: Andreas Heyl


The dairy is situated between Seeg and Hopferau.
Likewise here too, you can find out how cheese is made.
Guided tours are also available.

from 16.05. to 02.11.2016 every Monday and Wednesday at 12:30 o'clock

Guided tours are held without prior regitration. A small cost of the protective clothing is requested.

Käserei Weizern
between Seeg and Hopferau
87637 Eisenberg – Weizern
: +49 8364 280