Forts and Ruins

Castle ruins

Stone for stone

Hundreds of years ago the fortresses: Ehrenberg, Falkenstein, Eisenberg und Hohenfrey were erected to protect the region from intruders. Today all that remains to be seen are the ruins.

Hohenfreyberg und Eisenberg

Hohenfreyberg and Eisenberg

Both ruins originate the 14th century and are well worth a visit.

Burgruine Ehrenberg

Castle Ehrenberg

Follow the steps of the knights from Tyrol. Both fortresses “Klause and Schlosskopf” as well as the “Ehrenberg und Fort Claudia” ruins make a perfect day outing. The highline 179 rounds off the day trip out.

Burgruine Falkenstein

Castle Falkenstein

Why not visit Germanys highest ruin Falkenstein by Pfronten. Be inspired by the view and imagine being Lord or Lady of the fortress.

Interesting Links

Erlebnisreich Schlosspark

Royal Landscape

Millions of years ago melting glaciers formed the rugged, romantic "Allgeuer" landscape. But it took a king to build a castle full of dreams and turn the landscape into a fairy-tale.

Blick auf Neuschwanstein

Stately Homes

Visit King Ludwig’s II castles: Neuschwanstein, Hohenschwangau und Linderhof. All within easy reach.

Floßfahrt auf dem Lech

Wooden raft tours

A wonderful experience, one not too miss. The tour is ideal for everyone ranging from the young to the elderly and lasts for approximately 1.5 to 2 hours.

Alternative wenn keine extra Unterseiten gewünscht

Falkenstein Knights stronghold the “eagles nest”

It is the highest ruin in Germany. It was first erected between  1047 and 1063 but then destroyed in 1434. In 1497 it was restored and once again destroyed during to 30 year war in 1646. It is open all year round  but only reachable when there is no snow on the ground.

The ruin is in Pfronten which is approx..35  from Lechbruck.

Ehrenberg mit Highline
Foto: Sarah Notz


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