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There are lots of super attractions close by which are easily accessible for people with limited mobility. Listed below you will find some of the most interesting attractions which are within easy reach.

Foto: Gemeinde Lechbruck

Wies Church

Steingaden (Distance from Lechbruck: approx: 12 km)

A pilgrimage church designed by Dominikus Zimmermann built between 1743 and 1757. "Hoc loco habitat fortuna, hic quiescit cor." (In this place abideth happiness, here the heart findeth peace).

The south entrance is without steps and as such suitable for people in wheelchairs, with walking frames or families with small children and pushchairs. Dogs for the blind are naturally allowed and welcome. For those who have a hearing disorder there are headphones available in the first pews.


Opening Hours
Summer: 8:00 to 19:00 h
Winter: 8:00 to 17:00 h

Foto: Andreas Heyl

Pleasure boat on Lake Forggen

Fuessen Harbour. (Distance from Lechbruck: approx 20 km)

Enjoy a ride on one the pleasure boats and admire our beautiful scenery and King Ludwig’s castles (Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau).

Parking spaces and a disabled toilet are near to the mooring area. The boats have a suitable gangway for passengers with limited mobility.

Walderlebniszentrum Baumkronenweg
Foto: Mathias Struck

Forest Adventure Trail

and tree top trail, Füssen. (Distance from Lechbruck: approx. 25 km)

Explore the woodlands between Bavaria and Tyrol. Learn about the natural habitat stretching from the banks of the river Lech to the steep slopes of the mountains. The river forest trail is approx. 1,5 km long and it is, in places ideal for guests limited access.

The tree top trail (21 m above ground level) offers a lovely view and is suitable for guests in wheelchairs etc. However it is recommended that someone accompanies you.

Disable parking lots are available and a toilet in the main building too.

Festspielhaus Füssen
Foto: Gemeinde

Musical Theater Fuessen

The musical theater offers a wide variety of events to suit everyone’s taste. The gardens invite you to stay for a while and admire the fantastic view of the lake, castles and mountains.

There are special parking spaces available and the entrance to the theater is equipped with a ramp. There is a wheelchair-accessible toilet also on site.

There are spaces available for wheelchair users at every performance. If you have a larger or motorized chair or need such a seating area, please inform the Box Office staff at the time of booking, so that they can accommodate your Needs, not only  in comfort but safety too.

Distance from Lechbruck: approx. 20 km

Foto: Tegelbergbahn

Mount Tegel cable car

Schwangau (Distance from Lechbruck: approx. 20 km)

Disable parking lots are available and the cable car can be accessed via a ramp. In the restaurant at the top of the mountain there is a disabled toilet.



Schloss Neuschwanstein
Foto: Gemeinde

Castle Neuschwanstein

Schwangau /Hohenschwangau

The famous Castle.

If you wish to view the castle it is advisable to reserve tickets in advance so that the office staff can allow sufficient time for you. If you need assistance with your reservation we, the tourist office here in Lechbruck, are more than pleased to help you. However we do need 1 to 2 days advance notice depending what time of year it is.

You can reach the castle either by horse drawn carriage (no ramps available) or via the road. The road (distance: 1,5 km, walking time approx. 40 mins.) is uphill and quite steep in places but it is tarmacked. Even if you travel up in the carriage the last part (approx. 400 m) must still be overcome on foot. Unfortunately you are not allowed to drive with your own car up to the castle and there are no exceptions here.

 When you have reached to castle you will be met at the gate and then taken by lift to join your tour group. Afterwards you will be escorted to the exit area.


Märchenwald Schongau
Foto: Märchenwald Schongau

Theme Park

Schongau (Distance form Lechbruck: approx. 20 km)

„Most of the famous fairy-tales begin with “Once upon a time..”

The park is well worth a visit and is accessible for guests with limited mobility.
The theme park is easy to reach and has plenty of parking spaces. Enjoy a fairy-tale day out with all the family.


Foto: Gemeinde

Woodlands Kinsegg

Here you can learn about the forest and it’s wildlife.

There is a disabled toilet and dogs for the blind are welcome on site,

The event room is also accessible with a wheelchair.

More information
Tourist-Information Lechbruck
Flößerstr. 1
86983 Lechbruck - Deutschland
: 08862987833

Museum der Bayerischen Könige
© by Wittelsbacher Ausgleichsfonds, MdbK_Foto: Thomas Günter

Museum of Bavarian Kings

Hohenschwangau (distance from lechbruck: approx. 23 km)

Enjoy a super day out here.

The museum is accessible via a ramp and has a lift to the upper floor. Disabled parking is also available.


Opening Hours
all year: Every day from 10:00 to 18:00 h
24. December: closed

Museum der Stadt Füssen
Foto: Kulturamt der Stadt Füssen (Fotograf Peter Samer)

Museum in Fuessen

In Fueseen there is a museum with an unusual collection of violins and harpsicords.

The nearest disabled parking lot is approx. 50 m away. There is a lift in the museum which gives you easy access to all floors, with exception of the Anna chapel. A disabled toilet is also at your convenience.

April to October: Tuseday to Thuseday
11:00 to 17:00 h
November - March: Friday to Sunday
13:00 to 16:00 h

Alpentherme Ehrenberg
Foto: Alpentherme Ehrenberg

Thermal Baths Ehrenberg in Reutte

The thermal baths in Reutte is ideal for guest with disabilities. The entrance way is even, there are special changing rooms, a lift to lower you into the water and the sauna is also easily accessible. The sanitary facilities also cater for special needs.

Opening Hours
Bathing area: Daily from
10:00 – 21:00 h
Sauna: Daily from
10:00 – 22:00 h

Anton-Schmid-Hallenbad, Marktoberdorf
Foto: Haricot Vert Fotodesign

Anton-Schmid Swimming Baths

Marktoberdorf (Distance fro, Lechbruck approx. 20 km)

This amenity is completely accessible for all guests with limited mobility.

The building is accessible via a ramp, disabled parking is near the entrance and there are special changing rooms available.A lift helps to lower you into the water and the sauna area is easily accessible too. The sanitary facilities also cater for special needs.

Information and Opening Hours
Bahnhofstraße 42
87616 Marktoberdorf
: +49 8342 895 87-0
: +49 8342 895 87-29
Tourist-Information Lechbruck
Flößerstr. 1
86983 Lechbruck - Deutschland
: 08862987833