Churches and Monasteries

Churches and Monasteries

Sacred Moments

Foto: Gemeinde Lechbruck

Between Fuessen, Lech and the Liosach lies the region known as Pfaffenwinkel. It gets its name “priesthood (Pfaffentum) corner” because there are lots of churches and monasteries within its boundaries such as:- the Wies or Colamans church or monastries like Ettal and Rottenbuch.

The famous brothers Johann Baptist and Dominikus Zimmermann were born in Wessobrunn. The monastery school they visited was renowned for producing the best handworkers and artists of the baroque period.

The brothers became famous for building the UNESCO world heritage Wies church close to Steingaden.

Not far from Steingaden every 10 years the famous Passion play is performed in Oberammergau. 

Kloster Ettal
Foto: Axel Staub

Monastery Ettal

The rococo monastry was oringinally built in 1330 and completed in 1740 when the dome was erected. It is classed as one of Bavaria’s nicest monasteries with its own brewery and distillery.

Sameister Kapelle
Foto: Gemeinde

Mariä Sieben Schmerzen chapel

The small baroque chapel in Sameister, was erected in 1685 by Johann Jakob Herkommer. To visit this chapel it is best to make an appointment at the parish office. Services are held here too. To enquire about the times plese also contact the parish office eiher in Lechbruck or Rosshaupten.

Foto: Gemeinde


This baroque church is close to Schwangau and has a fantastic view of King Ludwig’s castle Nueschwanstein. Once a year the Colomans horse gathering takes place here and it is a must for every horse lover to see.

Auerberg St. Georg
Foto: Gemeinde

St. Georg Church

The St. Georg church with its viewing platform at 1055m is situated on a hill in Bernbeuren overlooking the mountains and alpine landscape. It is built in both baroque and rococo style and is a well-loved pilgrim church.

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Churches in our Village

In Lechbruck our catholic and protestant churches welcome you to join the service or sit down for a quiet moment. Close by are numerous churches and monasteries well worth visiting.


Wies Church

A pilgrimage church designed by Dominikus Zimmermannbuilt between 1743 and 1757."Hoc loco habitat fortuna, hic quiescit cor." (In this place abideth happiness, here the heart findeth peace).

Musikkapelle Lechbruck

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Culture, customs and friendly hosts, that's what awaits you in Lechbruck am See. All this adds a certain touch of flair to make your holiday something really special.