UNESCO Church - Wieskirche

The Wies Church


Foto: Gemeinde Lechbruck

A pilgrimage church designed by Dominikus Zimmermann built between 1743 and 1757. "Hoc loco habitat fortuna, hic quiescit cor." (In this place abideth happiness, here the heart findeth peace).

During the period of one year, over one million people from all over the world visit this famous UNESC world heritage Church. Admire the wonderful paintings and alters.  

At the center of the Church there is a miraculous figure of the Sacred Savior.

The church is easy to reach on foot, by bike or with your car.

Guided tours are possible in english language and have to be booked in advance.

For booking please call this number +49 8862 93 2 93-0 The office staff kindly ask you if you can only speak English then, please speak very slowly. Or fax your booking request to (+49 8862 93 2 93-10) The church’s office hours are from Monday to Thursday from 8-12am and from 1-5 pm. On Friday from 8-12 am.

Hours of worship:

to prayer and reflection open every day:

Winter time 8 am to 5 pm
Summer time 8 am to 8 pm

Opening hours for sightseeing:


& church

Mon. Tue. Wed. Thur. Fri. Sat.
8 - 9 am              
9 - 10 am              
10 - 11 am              
11- 12 am              
12- 1 pm              
1 - 2 pm              
2 - 3 pm              
3 - 4 pm              
4 - 5 pm              

Only in Summer times

5 - 6 pm              
6 - 7 pm              
7 - 8 pm              


Meaning of colors:

Red: During the service sightseeing  is not allowed.

Yellow: Sightseeing is only partly permitted as long as no service or a guided tour is in progress. Then the yellow zone becomes a red one.

Green: The church is open to the public for viewing.

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