Walking and Hiking


Summit Glance

During your holiday if you like to be active and enjoy fresh air, then this is the place for you. A wide variety of good sign-posted walking routes from easy to intermediate await you. There are theme and circular trips or mystery routes – something for everyone. Follow the footsteps of the Romans on the historical Via Claudia route which passes through our village. Discover the countryside and take a stroll down the river banks or one of the other routes. Circular tours for example to lakes Schmutter or Baderwaedle invite you to take a refreshing plunge or even to just chill out and relax on the banks. A trip through the Feuerstein or Ammer gorge, the milk and moor tour or plank way to the Wies church are not only exciting for our young guests but for Adults too. If you wish to go higher up and that without strain or exhaustion then take a ride on one of the cable cars or chairlifts,which are close by, to the top of a mountain. Take time for a break and a bite to eat, there are plenty of huts or restaurants along route.


In Lechbruck

Lechbruck is the perfect starting point for going for a stroll. All routes, short or long, bind together areas of beauty.

Wandern im Allgäu


These boots are made for walking: everything from easy, intermediate to advanced levels available.

Interesting links

Vilser Alm


Experience the "Allgaeuer" mountain range with its unique lodges and cabins.




Cable cars

Up, up and away - off we go to the top of the mountains. The numerous cable cars and chair lifts will bring you safe and sound, without strain to the top.



There‘s always a means and a way to relax. Whether you choose to lie down in the grass, chill out on a lounger overlooking the lake or dipping your tired feet in the kneipp basin. At peace thou shall be.