Brass Band Concerts


Music at Dusk

Foto: Andreas Heyl

Enjoy a pleasant summer evening and experience our local customs such as our traditional costume and country dancing exhibitions, brass band concerts and village fêtes. The perfect way to end a wonderful day.


 29.062023 at 8pm Stöttwang

06.07.2023 at 8pm Prem

13.07.2023 at 8pm Lechbruck

20.07.2023 at 8pm Schlanz

25.07.2023 at 8pm Freckenhorst 

27.07.2023 at 8pm Bidingen

03.08.2023 at 8pm Lechbruck

10.08.2023 at 8pm 50+ Kapelle 

17. 08.2023 at 8pm Wildsteig  

24.08.2023 at 8pm Bernbeuren

31.08.2023 at 8pm Germeringen

07.09.2023 at 8 pm Trauchgau

14.09.2023 at 8pm Bertoldshofen